Joe Rogan Experience w/Hamilton Morris

Pretty interesting! This guy Morris Hamilton is pretty genius when it comes to chemical makeup of medicinal stuff!

He was talking about a certain term that I thought was thought provoking,

Pharmacological Determinism

“The idea that a certain drug has to do a certain thing, which isn’t always true – it’s a flawed idea”

Think about this! If you go take aspirin for that headache, you took drugs! If you go take MDMA, you took drugs! Only difference between them is of course the chemical makeup, taboo from the unknown or undereducated and the negatives from people that were sensitive to that certain drug but not everyone is going to die off of everything or get injured! People die all the time from aspirin and I would assume MDMA! But what do people point the finger at being worse?

I like to keep an open mind that people can do what they want to do just as long as they are informed of the risk! Don’t tell me I cannot take aspirin because a loved one of yours died off of it! Not that someone has but we live in a very close minded world of control and mental illness that I can guarantee taboo drugs today could help (if we let them) and in the near future less addictive things will make it even better!

What are your thoughts? Leave in the comments below!

Joe Rogan Experience #1136 – Hamilton Morris

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